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Women + The Mooncycle

Like the tides, a woman’s cycle is intimately connected to the moon’s gravitational pulse.

Just as we see the light of the moon change over 28 days or so, our monthly cycles take us through the distinct phases that influence every moment of our lives. Research has shown that the lunar phases coincide with a women’s menstrual cycle and that even with irregular menstruation patterns,  a significant portion of women studied ovulate with the dark of the moon.

Modern living has placed demands on women that are unnatural to the ways our bodies were designed to create.  The sacred ritual of cyclical living and the ebbs and flow or our hormones, that mirror the moon, have become a lost art. 

Our culture sees slowing down and integrating as a loss of productivity and our monthly periods have become an inconvenience.

In ancient times, women lived with the moon, gathering together to celebrate with rituals and customs that helped them live in accordance with the natural cycles of their hormones. 

In modern times, we no longer live according to the natural light. We flood our bodies with artificial lights and screens which disrupts our ovulation patterns, menstrual cycle and sleep.  Living in connection to nature, the seasons, the dark and light of day keeps us healthy. To be healthy it is essential we learn to reset our circadian rhythm

With Moontime tea, I invite you to reconnect with nature’s rhythm and the healing flow of life.  Whether you are menstruating or have reached menopause the moon can be a guiding light to nourish your body and find balance.  Just as the moon takes 28 or so days to move around the earth, a women’s menstrual cycle also lasts approximately 28.  Consider using the phases of the moon as a guide to find replenishment in every phase:

The new moon: a time to cleanse

The waxing moon: a time to nourish and create 

The full moon: a time to ignite passion

The waning moon: a time to rest and restore 

As you notice how you feel at each phase of your cycle, you can choose activities accordingly to support hormone health and create more ease in everyday life.