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    Moontime Tea

    Intentional Tea Blends for Women's Wellness
Organic Ingredients
Eco friendly packaging
Made with Love
  • Organic Ingredients
  • Eco friendly packaging
  • Made with Love


  • "I started drinking this tea every night over the last 30 days and it has been an amazing support for my sexual health. As a working mom I would highly recommend this product for anyone struggling with lack of body awareness, grounding and self connection. It will surely help with intimacy support; not only with your partner but within yourself."


  • "I have been drinking the Whole Health Tea blend for months now. It has such a lovely warming tastes and makes me sparkle form the inside out!"


  • "I absolutely love Moontime Tea! The Metabolism Blend is so yummy! The spice of the Cinnamon paired with the sweet of the Hibiscus couldn't be better! I could see serving this iced in the Summer!"


Cyclical Wellness For Women

Sip Moontime Tea and relax into the soothing ritual of connecting with the natural cycles of the moon, the earth and your body.

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