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Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:

We want you to love your product. If for any reason, our product does not meet your standards let us know within 30 days and receive a full refund.  Simply write to or use our contact form and send your proof of purchase.

How to return your product:

Simply email with your request and we will send you a return label to ship back any unopened product. We can not accept any opened product at this time so there is no need to return your product.  Feel free to share it with someone else or discard as you like.

I have not received my shipment:

We know how important receiving your products in a timely manner is.  Please accept our apologies for the delay!  Email us or reach out via the contact form and please provide your order number so we can help you track the package and come up with a solution to make sure you receive the product as fast as possible.

My product arrived damaged:

The quality of your product is of utmost importance to us. If you received a product that was damaged en route please contact us via email or the contact form and we will replace your product.

I did not like my product:

We are sorry to hear you did not like the tea.  Please feel free to reach out to us via the contact form or at and we will be happy to assist you.  Also, please feel free to pass the product along to a friend who might enjoy it! 


We offer free shipping on orders over $100 and standard shipping rates via USPS for both domestic and international packages.  On weekdays we ship within 24-48 hours between the hours of 9-4 pm PST.  If you have any special requests regarding shipping please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email or contact form and we will be happy to assist you! 



Are all your products organic?

We source the highest quality organic ingredients from our carefully vetted suppliers.  Our tea blends are certified organic through CCOF.

Are your teas kosher?

Each one of our tea blends is kosher certified and made in a kosher certified facility.

Are all of your teas caffeine free?

All four of our original tea blends including our fertility tea, libido tea, cleanse tea and whole health tea are 100% herbal and caffeine free.  We have recently introduced a metabolism tea blend that contains green tea, which is not caffeine free.

Is Moontime Tea gluten free?

While our blends contain no gluten, grains or gluten containing ingredients we are currently not certified gluten free.

Does Moontime Tea contain any sugar?

All of our blends are sugar free so that you may sweeten as desired.  Our whole health blend contains a small amount of Stevia, an ancient herb that doesn’t affect blood glucose levels.

Where do you source your herbs?

We source the highest quality herbs from a small group of trusted suppliers local to our Southern Oregon and Northern California locations.  As a small family run business we have focused on developing relationships with companies that supply organic certifications, batch testing and quality assurance at every step of the process.  All of our herbs tested for heavy metals and contaminants before and after blending to ensure the highest measures of quality control.

Are the blends safe to drink during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

At Moontime Tea we cannot offer any medical advice and strongly advise you to check with your doctor to get information specific to your medical situation with any supplementation.  For many herbs, there is simply not enough information to determine safety.  As with all foods, it is important to discontinue any product that causes any discomfort or allergic reaction and seek advice from a doctor.  

Should I drink Moontime Tea Fertility blend throughout my whole cycle?

Once you receive a positive pregnancy test please consider switching to a blend designed for pregnancy.  The fertility blend is not designed for pregnancy.

How many cups of Moontime Tea can I enjoy each day?

Please enjoy as many cups of herbal tea as you enjoy.  The 4 herba blends contain no caffeine and can therefore be enjoyed at any time of day.  For the metabolism blend, we suggest enjoying this tea in the morning, before noon as even small amounts of caffeine may disrupt your sleep.

How do I brew a perfect cup of Moontime Tea?

Simply boil your water and add your tea bag to your favorite mug.  Pour freshly boiled hot water into your mug and allow the tea to seep. Enjoy the aromas of each blend as they seep for 3-7 minutes and enjoy!

Can Moontime Tea be enjoyed as an ice tea?

Absolutely, All Moontime tea blends are delicious hot or cold.  Simply follow the directions on the packaging and allow to cool in the refrigerator or by adding ice!